Visitors Frequently Asked Questions



What denomination is the church?
Living Hope is an independent, non-denominational church of open and friendly believers whose lives are being transformed by Jesus Christ



Will I ever have to stand up in front of people?
NO! The people at Living Hope are genuinely interested in getting to know you and want to make you feel welcome,

but we will never call on you or embarrass you in any way. You can relax and enjoy meeting people at your own pace.   



Do I have to dress up?
No, just dress comfortably. For some, that may mean dressing up, but for most it simply means wearing casual clothes. 

Our focus is on Christ – not what people wear.  We want everyone to come, be comfortable, and enjoy learning about God together.



What is the music like?
Our worship team provides a passionate, mostly contemporary, upbeat style of music. We usually blend a classic hymn in the mix also. 

You will see and hear guitars, keyboards, vocalists and drums, even percussion or congas!  Our music is all about honoring God and aligning our hearts with Him.  You’ll see people with their hands up, some down, with eyes open and closed. Some sing loudly while others just hum along! Some people may come forward to the altar area as an expression of their need for God’s presence or to convey their love for Him! Christ is the center of why we sing and worship – so we sing to Him instead of each other.  



What is the preaching like?
Our lessons are brought in a teaching style (no one will yell at you!).  The lessons are brought from the bible. We use translations that sound like the language we speak (not Shakespeare). Aspects of Jesus life, example, teachings and deeds are often the topic of the sermons.  There is a strong focus on how ancient bible principles can be applied to our lives today.  After the lesson, people often say, “That lesson was just what I needed at this time in my life.”  We know that is a “God thing” - He is the inspiration for the lessons.  You will leave church feeling challenged, encouraged, and empowered by the living word of God!   



How can I get a copy of the Sermon?
We make all the messages available to anyone who wants them. 

The messages are available each week online in video format, and right here on our website.

CDs can also be obtained by request. (Click here)


If you visit us in person, you can order lessons using the order form list located at the Tech Booth.

Your request will be available the next Sunday!   You can order past sermons, series, & teachings by way of the same order form.